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Service Issues Page

If we're aware of any issues with University services that are affecting online and digital learning, we will update this page with details. If there is a workaround available or known time to fix, this will be mentioned. However, this information is not always available. If you have a digital learning issue which isn't mentioned on this page, please either call the IT Support Centre on +44 (0)161 306 5544 or contact your eLearning team directly via the support portal.

Service Issues
Title Issue Type Description Status Created Modified Tags
Blackboard Assignments with Delegated Marking – error when submitting mark Problem

Occurrence: Error when entering marks in Blackboard Assignment using Delegated Marking (“Failed to parse multipart servlet request; nested exception is…”) Reason: The previous marker has added a very large amount of text. This is generally due to cutting and pasting from Word, which results in large amounts of formatting markup to be pasted with the […]

Open 14-Jun-22 22-Apr-24 #blackboard
Moodle-STACK Maintenance: Tuesday 29th March 2022, 8-9am Maintenance

on Tuesday 29/03/2022 between 8am and 9am, the infrastructure team need to apply some critical OS updates to the moodle-STACK servers.  This will require rebooting of the machines and will result in a small interruption of 2-3 minutes to the moodle-STACK service.

Closed 16-Mar-22 22-Apr-24 #moodle
Planned outages on My Manchester and Video Portal -Friday 11th March 2022, 8-10am Maintenance

Due to planned maintenance, some services will be unavailable on the morning of Friday 11 March. At some point between 8am and 10am, work on the service which provides data to My Manchester and the Video Portal means that those services may not function correctly. The downtime is not expected to last for the full […]

Closed 08-Mar-22 22-Apr-24 #blackboard
Errors Opening Office Documents in Microsoft Edge Incident

We have had reports of users experiencing errors when accessing Office documents in the browser using Microsoft Edge. Either an HTTP 404 error appears, or the Word online application opens but displays the message “Sorry, there was a problem and we can’t open this document. If this happens again, try opening the Document in Microsoft […]

Open 16-Nov-21 22-Apr-24 #blackboard
Sending emails from Blackboard Incident

Users are reporting receiving the error message – “An error or warning occurred while sending this email. Some, or all recipients may not receive the message.” ITS have raised the issue with Blackboard and are working with them to find a solution as soon as possible, we are hopeful of an imminent fix.

Resolved 04-Feb-22 22-Apr-24 #blackboard
30 Minute Blackboard Downtime: Fri 4 10pm – Sat 5 February 2am, 2022 Maintenance

Following the recent exam period, we are returning Blackboard to a “business as usual” capacity. What is happening? Blackboard will be downsized to handle a normal “business as usual” number of concurrent users.  This follows recent upsizing of the system to handle a higher number of concurrent users during the exam period. This work is […]

Closed 02-Feb-22 22-Apr-24 #blackboard
Course Unit Enrolments in Blackboard Incident

Current issues with the integration between Campus Solutions and Blackboard mean some recent enrolments are not transferring automatically to Blackboard. If a student or staff member has been enrolled on a unit in Campus Solutions for longer than 48 hours and does not appear on the Blackboard course unit users list, please contact your elearning […]

Closed 02-Feb-22 22-Apr-24 #blackboard
#campus solutions
Network Downtime: Wed 2 and Thu 3 February, 2022 Maintenance

IT Services need to replace essential equipment, and as a result, there will be disruption to network connectivity on the evenings of Weds 2 and Thurs 3 February, 2022.
We’re expecting services to be unavailable between 7pm and 9pm GMT on both evenings, however please allow up to 11pm for the work to complete […]

Closed 01-Feb-22 22-Apr-24 #blackboard
Turnitin Error: file.sys.err.dir Incident

Currently staff trying to access Turnitin Submissions via the grade centre are often seeing a file.sys.err.dir error message. To access Turnitin Submission please now use the Course Tools > Turnitin Assignments that can be found in the left-hand menu of Blackboard. These issues are arising as we migrate from one system to another. In the summer, when we are […]

Resolved 01-Feb-22 02-Feb-22 #blackboard